Skype Mute

This is a small AppleScript for muting a Skype call. On completion it gives a Notification Center notification (versions 1.2 and older use Growl instead) on what action was taken--or failure. Using QuickSilver (or another launcher of your choice), you can then bind it to a keyboard shortcut.


Instructions for use

  1. Download the apple script using the download link below
  2. Uncompress and put the resulting file in the location of your choice (I recommend ~/Library/Scripts/Skype Mute/)
  3. Run the script any time you want to mute or unmute

Instructions for binding to a hot-key using QuickSilver

  1. In the QuickSilver menu, go to "Triggers..."
  2. Add a new trigger by using the + button and selecting "HotKey"
  3. In the first box, select your new script
  4. In the second box, select "Run"
  5. In the newly created entry, click the "Trigger" column where it says "None"
  6. In the Settings drawer that opened, click "Edit" next to "Hot Key:" and enter the Hot Key of your choice
  7. Close the QuickSilver window, make a Skype call, and give the script a try!


Known issues