Letter to okayplayer.com


To Whom It May Concern:

I am a net.artist. I've just finished a piece that would fit very nicely at your web site. I would like to introduce you to my piece, and request that you consider it for display. Since your site deals directly with issues of hip-hop, my piece would make an outstanding addition to your collection.

Titled Rip-Hop, it is a direct commentary on the condition of today's Hip-Hop culture. Taking influences from the original culture of "Hip-Hop," that is the DJs, MCs, writers, and breakers, I critiqued it with today's common views of Hip-Hop and it's incarnation, Rap. Since most people don't even know the difference between the two similar genres, I tried to shed some light on the differences for the common individual, and give meaning to the still very underground culture that is Hip-Hop. My piece also directly addresses issues of race within Hip-Hop and Rap cultures. This has been a touchy subject in the past, which as a "white-boy," outside of the culture, interests me a great deal.

Rip-Hop is a mix of a visual and textual essay. It is an essay with many portions that don't have any particular order, but all make sense within the context of the whole piece.

I do expect a rather hefty commission for the display of my piece at your site. I am requesting 10,000 US cents, all in unmarked, individual coins. Thank you for your time and I'm sure you'll agree that my piece belongs at your site.