Saturday, April 19th, 2008, at 10:27 am

Coming Attraction: Random Product Ideas

I have always had random product ideas. My father once told me that he had seen many product ideas he’d had turn out to be real products 5-10 years later. I have the same affliction, however since many of my ideas are internet related, it’s often only 6 months to a year before I find the idea in some form of application.

I suppose a lot of people have ideas, but what sets the entrepreneur apart from everyone else is the knowledge, motivation, and courage to follow through on one of them–and stick with it until it either fails or succeeds. The fact that I’ve seen so many of my ideas turn out to be real later means I’m either very plugged in, or perhaps a bit unoriginal, but either way I have them and very briefly get excited about them.

I am going to blog about these ideas.

The first reason to do this is that it gives me an outlet for the ideas. I’m hoping that an outlet will help me put them to rest as my mind often obsesses on what it feels is the next big thing. Right now, I want to stay focused where I am.

The second is a bit of hope that the idea is so unoriginal, it actually already exists and I just haven’t heard about it yet. As a side to this, it might help those entrepreneurs out there trying to decide whether to go for it. If I’ve blogged about it, it’s something I would use so here is at least one consumer!

Finally, and by far the most self-serving of the bunch, I get a bit of personal gratification from having “called” an idea well ahead of time. Like the idea of Political Base over a year and a half before they launched. Or Fire Eagle a good 6 months before they were even announced (though many others had similar ideas too).

One final note: while most of the ideas are things that I really think would make a good product, there will be a few splashed in that are humorous only. Like the ‘Spaint and Soyda ideas I helped dream up in college. I’ll let you decide which ideas are serious.