Thursday, September 6th, 2007, at 10:26 am

Coal and the mouse

From E:

Chuck just sent the funniest story about a mouse in our apartment. For those who haven't met him, Coal is a cat, which you could probably figure out from context…

I was sitting in the living room at my computer when Coal came trotting in with something in his mouth. I did a double take and got up and ran after him. He ran back to the kitchen, dropped the mouse, chased it a bit, and grabbed it again. He then made a b-line for our bedroom. Not wanting a mouse in the bedroom in case it should get away, I chased after Coal once more. He dropped the mouse, chased it under the bed, and retrieved it and came back to the hallway. He came right up to me and dropped the mouse again! He then went back to the bedroom, did another set of letting it go and chasing it under the bed, caught it, and went for the spare room. I went after him and shut both doors. Every time I would approach Coal, he would drop the mouse (as an offering, or what??). The mouse was able to get into small nooks where Coal couldn't reach him. I'd move whatever was in the way and try to grab the mouse, it would of course evade me, and Coal would have at it once more. Finally after making a disaster area of the spare room, Coal and I cornered the mouse in an open corner–the corner by the door and closet door. I grabbed the mouse and vanquished it from the apartment (by taking it up the street a ways and letting it go in a bushy area a few blocks away).